About Groundswell

Everyday life can, and should, be absolutely exquisite.
A coffee latte and an almond croissant on a marble table

We believe in the art of living. From elevating the ordinary into extraordinary and discovering joy in small details, join us in savoring every moment.

Groundswell is a love letter to all that inspires us every day. It’s the sweet aroma of fresh coffee roasting. It’s a soft Parisian breeze on a stroll along the Seine. It's the sound of laughter in the company of good friends. It’s the glow of fading summer sun.

Groundswell is not a way to escape life, it’s a roadmap to the small joys of everyday. ”

— David Fierabend, Owner

A group of people toasting wine glasses

Born from the mind of David Fierabend, Groundswell Guild is the culmination of his lifelong passion for design, curation, and crafted experiences.

With a passion for creating welcoming spaces and memorable experiences, David's passions lie not only in Groundswell Guild's hospitality endeavors, but also with Groundswell Design Group, his placemaking and interior design studio founded in 2006.

Over 18 years at the helm of Groundswell Design Group, David has built the agency into a nationally respected brand that has defined the world of placemaking, interior design, and seasonal activation.

the Almanac

Meet your indispensable guide to seasonal living: the digital Groundswell Almanac.

Featuring a curated selection of our favorite products, latest trends, and invaluable lifestyle tips, the Almanac offers an inspiring resource for elevating life with style and sophistication.

Original Groundswell Goods

Well stocked pantries and cupboards are a source of comfort during the coldest of winter days.